North Royalton

Republican Club


September 5th Club Meeting

NRRC Meeting

Community guest from North Royalton who meet residents everyday will be asked to give a short talk about what they hear from their everyday interactions with North Royalton residents.


We hope to bring in:

  • Real Estate broker or agents
  • Hair Stylist
  • Restaurant Owner
  • Developer
  • Bank Manager
  • School PTO or Booster president
  • Pet Groomer
  • Marketing Expert
  • Home Security Firm

Some Questions to ask:?

  1. The closure of RadioShack and rents our small stores have to pay
  2. Community involvement in clubs and festivals.
  3. A lady pushing her stroller down State road near Wallings.
  4. Marijuana usage among the residents and making it legal. ( Cleveland)
  5. Burglar alarms and police response time.
  6. Dogs off the leash, invisible fence.
  7. How to reduce property taxes?

Contact: NRRC President Ronald Czarnecki 440 390-8686
Email at: