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November 7th Club Meeting

NRRC Meeting

David Pristash

David is a founding member of the Cuyahoga Valley Republicans and had been writing on issues of today for many years on his blog.


His credentials on these topics is immense.

  • Former Captain at U.S. Army
  • Studied Technology Marketing at Case Western Reserve University
  • Studied Counter Insurgency at 5th Special Forces
  • Studied WEAPONS & DEMOLITIONS at JFK Special Warfare Center and School
  • Studied Military Leadership at Ft. Benning Scool for Boys
  • Studied Unconventional Warfare at University of South Vietnam School of Warfare
  • Studied Economics at Ohio University


Please take some time to read articles from his blog and be ready to ask some intelligent questions as David is well versed to discuss issues that face our nation today.

We will be concentrating on climate change as this could be a debate topic at the convention of conservative Club this March 28, 2020.

Some useful articles on the topic can be found on our FB notes page.



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