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North Royalton Republican Club Essay Contest


Submit your Essay by January 31, 2019 UPDATE EXTENDED to February 28th to the North Royalton Republican Club to be eligible to win cash prizes


First Prize      $500

Second Prize $250

Third Prize    $100


Essay Topic - The Three Branch Form of Government as defined in the U. S Constitution


The United States Constitution has endured for over 241 years, and throughout its history has remained a viable governing document for the United States.  The structure of the US government includes three branches of government, (Legislative, Executive and Judicial,) which are separate but equal and work in concert with each other to provide checks and balances between the three in a way that allows this country to function through time, in war and peace and through the ever-changing technological evolution of the past two centuries.


 In your essay, discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the current three branch form of government and whether or not in today‚Äôs environment, it is the time to change the powers of any or all of the three branches of government.   Look to Articles I, II and III of the U.S. Constitution in addressing any strengths or weaknesses in the present system.



Essay Contest Rules


  • No fee to enter

  • Eligibility -must be a high school senior who resides in North Royalton

  • Must have an registered e-mail address that is yours

  • Must be written in English

  • Must be a minimum of 500 words but no more than 750 words

  • Judging is done anonymously and based solely on the quality of the essay writer's work

  • All work must be done solely by the applicant. No assistance is allowed.

  • Plagiarism is not allowed and those who plagiarize will be disqualified without notice

  • Submissions must be made in printed hard copy and mailed via US Mail and post marked no later than January 31, 2019 11:59pm EST. Mail your essay to Ron Czarnecki, President, North Royalton Republican Club, 11490 Lisa Lane, North Royalton, Ohio 44133

  • Application form must be submitted with the essay

  • Prize Pool - 1st Place - $500, 2nd place - $250, 3rd place $100

  • All decisions made by the judges are final

  • By submitting an entry, you agree to all the contest rules
  • Contest Judge will be the Honorable Kenneth Spanagel

  • Winning Essays will be announced by February 28, 2019 UPDATE EXTENDED to March 31st

  • Winners will receive their award in cash/check no later than March 15, 2019

  • Winners will posted in the Royalton Recorder



North Royalton Republican Club Essay Contest Application Form




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