North Royalton

Republican Club


North Royalton Republican Club


A Convention of Conservative Clubs

Based on the Famous Saying by;

 Hugh Hewitt, “it’s an interview, not a debate"

A non-partisan opportunity for citizens to learn, listen and support local high school, college, community clubs & groups that promote conservative values.

When:   March 23, 2019

Who:     Public and Club Members

Where:  North Royalton LIbrary at: 5071 Wallings Rd, North Royalton, OH 44133

Time:    10:00 am to 4:00 pm

Cost:     Free for public

Events: Networking, Speakers, Live Video Broadcast (hosted by Nick Phillips of

             the radio show "The Advocate"), informational material.

Food:    FREE Pizza, Pop, Coffee, Cookies and Sponsors Food.

THIS IS A LIVE VIDEO EVENT...All attendees will consent to their image being video taped either in the background or in passing in order to enter.

Live Broadcast on You Tube at:

For more information, group registration or recommendations for speakers or groups



Ronald Czarnecki-President North Royalton Republican Club 390-8686

Four Keynote Speakers

Economic, Environment, Religious, and Conservative Justice

Podium Speakers Main Room

Trail Life Scouts Present Colors

Welcome by Mecee

 Matt Miller

 (Mayor of Ashland)

Salem Media Group

1420 am

(radio show 9:00 am to 11:00am)

Conservative Judicial Justice (history & current)

Mark Seme

Judge Matt Lynch

Dan Messina

David Jenkins

Bob Frantz

Ellen Trepanier

Stephanie Kreuz

Aaron T. Dauterman

Phil Prucey

Dave Black

Chris Long

Jim Renacci

Student Breakout Speaker Schedule

All students sit in front, any extra seats open to the public


Speaker and Organization

10:00 am

Opening in Main Room

10:15 am

Tom Zawistowski

We the People Convention, The Ohio Citizens PAC and the Executive Director of the Portage County TEA Party

10:55 am

End of presentation

11:00 am

Jeremiah Martin (Chief Operating Officer) Forge Leadership Network

11:35 am

End of presentation-clear room for students

11:45 am

Judge Matt Lynch Conservative Justice

12:15 pm

Could end if Judge Lynch is finished

12:20 pm

Open for speaker

12:35 am

End of presentation-clear room for students

1:15 pm

Could end if Mr. Jenkins is finished

1:20 pm

Open for speaker

1:35 pm

End of presentation-clear room for students

1:45 am

Jim Renacci Ohio Future Foundation

2:15 pm

Could end if Mr. Renacci is finished

2:20 pm

Open for speaker

2:35 pm

End of presentation-clear room for students

2:45 pm

Chris Long Ohio Christian Alliance

3:15 pm

Could end if Mr. Long is finished

3:25 pm

Open for speaker

3:55 pm

All speakers done for day


Ohio Conservative Energy Forum

Conservatives for Responsible Stewardship

Convention of States

Americans for Prosperity (AFP)

American Trinity Project

Ohio Citizens Defending the Constitution

Conservative Party Ohio


Medina County Friends and Neighbors
Ohio Christian Alliance

Susan B Anthony pro life (speaker)
The Heritage Foundation
Regional Manager Stephanie Kreuz



-John Carrol University College Republicans (Pending)

- CWRU College Republicans (Pending)

-Cleveland State University College Republicans
-Baldwin Wallace University College Republicans 


-ST. Ignatians The Conservative Caucus



-Inner City Republican Movement

-Strongsville Republican Club

--Cuyahoga Valley Repubican (Brecksville)

-Westshore Republican Cub

How can a Republican sponsored event be Non-Partisan?


    Conservative principals have been in use throughout our political history. In fact even today Democrats do call themselves conservative. This convention is a time for all Conservatives of all parties to celebrate "CONSERVATISM"




    "A 2015 Gallup poll found that 19% of Democrats identify themselves as conservative, a decline of 6% from 2000.[2]


    In 2018, Gallup's ideology polling found that 35% of Democrats self-identified as moderate and 13% identified as conservative; 50% of Democratic respondents described their ideology as liberal.[3]"

Blue Dog Coalition

    "In 1994 after the Republican revolution, moderate and conservative Democrats within the U.S. House of Representatives organized themselves into the Blue Dog Democrats, in response to the Republican victories at the polls that November. The explanation was that the Blue Dogs felt the party had moved so far left that it had "choked them blue."


Parking & Amenities

Download the official flyer Here

Convention Flyer

(for distribution)

Download the Speaker Times

Speaker Time Itinerary

(down load before you come)

Download Convention Floor Map

Floor Map

(down load before you come)



There will be a robust registration table where you will be given:


  1. Index card with the disclosure statement about the filming going on.
  2. Whether you are registered as a student for a particular breakout session.
  3. Food and drink check off box.
  4. An entrance number.


Upon leaving the event room you will turn in your number so other people can go in. The rooms are limited to 125 people inside and past the registration table at any one time.

Chris Long
President of Ohio Christian Alliance

Will speak on conservative religious values in American since the time of our founding fathers to issues that face our youth today.


Conservatives for

Responsible Stewardship

Will speak on clean air and water by fiscally responsible and economically sound solutions that are market driven in promoting sustainable economic growth.

Matt Lynch

Judge of the Ohio Court of Appeals 11th District

serving Ashtabula, Lake, Geauga, Portage and Trumbull Counties.

Conservative Judicial history in America from the founding fathers till today.


Podium Emcee

Matt Miller

Mayor of Ashland

Matt Miller will introduce our guest on the podium and present the winning numbers of our

Salem Media Groups Book raffle

We will be giving away one book featured on Salem Radio's talk show line up which will be the number on your entrance index card.

 Attendee needs to be present but does not need to hear if they won. When you exit and drop off your index card you will be informed if you won.

Contact: NRRC President Ronald Czarnecki 440 390-8686
Email at: